Might Want To Put A Pin In It – Part Four

RPT Principle 133 School Options: Texas families should be empowered to choose from public, private, charter or homeschool options using tax credits or exemptions without government restraints or intrusions.

Tax credits or exemptions amount to super vouchers for the wealthy. Of the 25 most costly private secondary schools in the DFW area, the least expensive had an annual tuition of about $ 18K in 2015.

Texas has not historically been over-generous in funding public education and since 2011 we have been seriously underfunding our schools. The state share of public education funding is under 40% and dropping which is starving our schools while also forcing up local property taxes. It is the height of political hypocrisy to claim insufficient resources and then divide those resources.

This should not be a complicated question. Families can determine what they believe is the best path for their kids but the only educational options that public funds should be used for is public education.

While we’re at it—forget that Dream.

RPT Principle # 129 In-State Tuition: We oppose in-state tuition for illegal aliens.

It might be hard to get from the language but I don’t think they’re talking about Martians who arrived in a UFO. These are kids who attend our schools, make their grades, play by the rules and add to our communities. Making higher education a more difficult reach for them is a notion that is both incredibly mean-spirited and really bad public policy for our State’s future. So, I guess it’s perfect.

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