Welcome to my website! Here’s a little about me…


I hold BA degrees in both political science and history from North Texas State University/UNT.

While from time to time I’ve been involved in other endeavors for over 40 years I’ve been professionally and actively involved in politics and government.

As a consultant, I’ve participated in over 150 campaigns at all levels of government. I’ve worked with the Texas Democratic Party under several Chairs in numerous positions including Redistricting Director, Rural Coordinator, Executive Director and am currently Senior Advisor to the Party.

I’ve also had the privilege of serving in staff positions for elected members on both ends of the state capitol and as District Director for two U. S. Congressmen. These various positions have involved administration, legislative analysis, communications and constituency outreach. In each of these positions I’ve had the opportunity to work with experienced and dedicated elected officials and caseworkers in efforts to solve individual problems with government agencies

In brief: I know how good laws are made and how to stop bad ones from being made. I know where to go to get the information and data I need to make informed decisions. I know how government impacts individuals and communities at the base level. I know how to fight effectively in both the legislature and the bureaucracy.

It might not be ordinary experience but it’s serious experience.

Personally, I play a little golf (although rarely), fish when I feel like it, don’t hunt anymore (although I still love going in the woods and usually carry a gun and a license when I go), and target shoot when I get the chance.

I’m a non-denominational Christian who finds inspiration in Christ and has no interest in the admonitions of Leviticus (really like bacon).

I’ve been married for nearly 25 years to Vali Walker, have three terrific step-sons Adam, Blake and Patrick, two incredible daughters in law Kim and Sally, four wonderful grandsons Holton, Weston, Smith and Bennett, two pretty good dogs Max and May, a frequent drop by a grand dog Hershey (Princess) and a cat that will have nothing to do with any of us but seems determined to hang around &#@& Cat.

My family doesn’t agree with every position I take so I’m pretty sure you won’t either but I hope you’ll give our issues a look and maybe you’ll find a few things you like.

Thanks for your time.