Might Want To Put A Pin In This – Part Two

Number 2 in my series about interesting items in the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Platform. Because voters need to know what candidates and parties really believe.

Today’s pin: RPT Principle 58. Women, your time has expired.

In 2017 Nevada ratified the Equal Rights Amendment. In 2018 Illinois did the same bringing the state ratification total to 37 of the needed 38.

The RPT greeted this news with an excited outpouring of support for gender equality—well not exactly—excited maybe, support–not so much.

Which brings us to Principle 58: “We call upon the 86th session of the Texas Legislature to adopt a resolution clarifying that the 1972 ratification by the 62nd Texas Legislature of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution was valid only through March 22, 1979.”

To be sure if and when the 38th state ratifies the ERA opponents will initiate litigation regarding the timing of the ratification as the action will miss the initial set ratification date deadline of 1979 and the extended date of 1982 but other amendments have taken a long time (the 27th took a couple of hundred years) and they’re still amendments.

The key word in the above paragraph is “opponents.” If you support the ERA (as Texas did in 1972) you rejoice in the fact that its found new life and hope for the 38th state to ratify soon (come on Va. & N.C.) and look forward to the day that women constitutionally enjoy equality in all matters.

If you oppose equality you search for weasel positions like oh maybe “the clock has expired.”

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